Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some Canine Nail Education :)

Long nails are more than unsightly; they also present a potential health problem. The nail is very strong and grows in a slight curve. Over time, long nails cause discomfort and weaken the pet's natural foot struction. Longer nails could break off exposing the quick which is very painful. On smaller pets (and dewclaws) nails grow in a circle and can go back into the pad causing a puncture wound.
How often should nails be trimmed? It depends on the dog, but every 4 to 6 weeks is ideal.
How much should be trimmed off? As much as you can without causing bleeding from the quick. They may just need to be tipped or ground down if they are fairly short.
Did you know about our Annual Nail Packages?? This is an annual package to have your dog's nails trimmed every 4 weeks and receive an even bigger savings!!
Non-Park Members ~ $120 per year ($10 per trim)
Daycare Regulars/Alpha Members ~ $100 per year ($8.30 per trim)
Sirius Members ~ $90 per year ($7.50 per trim)

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