Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Have you ever wondered what happens when you bring your fur-baby in for a spa treatment in our Stylist to the Star's Grooming Salon??

First off, the humans are greeted by one of our specially trained and very compassionate stylists.  We want you and your pup to both be comfortable with the care your pup will receive while they are in our care.  We also want to make sure you and your pup are getting the look you desire.  We do keep details notes in our system from past appointments so that looks can be replicated or adjusted as you would like.  

Then back to the salon they go, stopping by one of our community yards so your pup has a chance to stretch their legs and go potty.  

Next up is the bubble bath...  And here to demonstrate the different steps is Mr. Bear.  During the warm water bath, they get a nice massage using any one of our gentle shampoos.  We carry special lines, such as oatmeal for sensitive skin.  While in the tub we also check their pesky anal glands to see if they need express, then this step is completed with a thorough warm rinse to make sure all of the shampoo is fully washed away. 

Time for the fluff!  The stylist start with a good towel off to remove a large amount of the moisture.  They follow that up with our high powered blow dryer.  This dryer is made specifically for canine groomers and allows them to get the coat good and dry prior to any trimming.  It can also help different types of hair get the desired look, much like us humans use our dryer to straighten or style our own hair.


Now it's time for the finishing touches.  Your pup's style is created and perfected!

 Thank you to Mr. Bear for being an excellent sport to help us share the process of a Dog Star Ranch grooming appointment.  When dropping off your star for a visit to the salon, it is generally a two hour process.  You can always add on a Tucker Out Special to give your furry family member a great day to play with friends prior to going to the grooming salon!  

Don't forget that you are eligible for discounts!  If you have your star groomed every 6 weeks you automatically save 10% and if you would like a bath done in the middle (3 weeks after a prior grooming) it is 50% off!  

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